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Re: <eyebeam><blast> Other

Olu Oguibe: Yesyesyes, nonono. Yes, you are right about the constructing
of others that happens when we think and speak along those lines. But
denying that this happens and is produced every day in many ways, is not
an option either? I am looking for other categories, another language.
The extent to which the Net--its software, its code, distribution of
software, etc-- already has the other wired into it? I like what you
say, as usual, enormously, but from where I sit and look, we are not
there -- we don't have the option of your enlightened --I am using the
term generically-- proposal, not yet.

Josephine Bosma writes of avoiding traps, rejudging every situation,
avoiding falling in the victim/complainer,..  Yes, I agree. Doing it,
however, is clearly not simply a matter of choice. We are continuously
hampered/embedded in limiting language, the specifics of a situation
(many workers I know are victimized, and the trick is not to reduce
their condition to just victim--any victim is more than just a victim)
this without even getting into the finer points raised by Foucault on
this subject.
The Net is the other: hmmmmm. We can't reify the Net. It is not out
there, a given, ready, an object. It is partly what we do in it, what
our interconnected doings produce--way beyond our initial action and way
beyond the sum of our actions., etc etc.

saskia sassen

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