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Re: <eyebeam><blast> Other

On Mon, 23 Feb 1998, Josephine Bosma wrote:

"The problem is the same. When talking about a discourse and presence
online, the seperatist approach makes no sense. It is reductive and
paralizing. Also when one takes a closer look at what the real 'other'
is on the net, it is not so much found in social and political
structures as we know them off the net, but the way the net transforms
all issues. The net itself is the 'other' everyone here is trying to
deal with."

No, I'm afraid I am the 'other', and I won't go away.  With or without
the net you still have to deal with me and my desires.

The seperatist approach certainly can make sense.  Perhaps you should
think about how you use the word 'net' in a singular form.  The
'Internet' is a conglomeration of hundreds of 'nets' each with their own
policies, protocols, hiearchies of control, interests and designs. 
Having to handle the technical and administrative issues with keeping
the 'Internet' running will make this painfully aware.  It's
criss-crossed with lines of demarcation, some legal, others technical or
founded upon differences of desire and politics.   

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