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Re: <eyebeam><blast> Other

Too western? I detect the infiltration of academic-speak. Is not the
medium defined by its users? Are we not individuals before we are
political beings? Is not the sanctity of our individuality the very
foundation of what is best of our "western" way of life? Shall we shape
the new medium by committee vote? "De-westernize" the medium  by
injecting "otherness"? Yes, the content can expand into "other" realms.
Our curiosity and humanity requires it. But shall we spend our time
west-bashing, or propagate what is best of the west in terms of
democratic and moral excellence?

Jason Edward Kaufman
Nationality: American

But why stop here? To placate those who fear an impending oligarchy of
internet users, I hereby propose a standard signature to be attached to
all posts. In the interest of insuring greater accountability, all posts
must be accompanied by the following information:

Nationality: _____.
Internet provider: _____.
Computer of access (make/modem speed): _____.
Native tongue: _____.
Skin color: _____.
Gender: _____.
Age: _____.
Religion: _____.
Marital status: _____.
Education: _____.
Income level: _____ p.a.
Automobile (westerners only, of course): _____.
Height: _____.
Weight: _____.
Hair color: _____.
Sexual preference (optional): _____ .
Criminal record (if any): _____.
Previous employment: _____.
Hobbies: _____.
Photo (optional): _____.

Once this simple form becomes standard, censoring the glut of westerners
will be a breeze.

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