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Many people are surprised to encounter vitruvius in yet another forum. 
Indeed, some eyebeam participants may not have encountered her before. 
vitruvius is famed for her danse macabre, her Inca moon dance of love, 
her reinterpretations of traditional Kabuki, among other theatrical 
performances. In the early days, Gertrude Stein was an intimate friend. 
Alice B. Toklas dusted the paintings in vitruvius's Paris apartment. 
vitruvius gave Man Ray his first camera. For her work in the Résistance, 
she was awarded the Légion d'honneur. vitruvius discovered Piaf. "Do you 
think 'tropical parrot' is right for you, dear?" said vitruvius. "Why 
not try 'little sparrow' and see what happens". Castro begged her to 
play Havana. Margot Fontaine was her pupil. So was Tharp.

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