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<eyebeam><blast> Nikuko Fights Back

Nikuko Fights Back

<^Tonguer^> hi ther
*** #cybersex 887461296
<Grampian> any ladies here for cybersex or just looking ??
<Eva1> have to get off for a little while but ill be back
<***> Signoff: Eva1 (Quit: Leaving)
<woylie> can it peel off in my directoion?? hehe
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<wrapping`paper`peeling`off> hahaha
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<*> ^Tonguer^ is single/male/38/6ft/195 lbs/well built/long brown hair
        /beard/blue eyes/Texan. Any ladies like to chat. Msg me
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<***> Signoff: dickers (Operation timed out)
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(Johnny2Bad/#cybersex) So now I finally get to see what my present is!?
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*** You have been kicked off channel #cybersex by Curien 
        (Goway +1[+141332+1])
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/join #cybersex Nikuko
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