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<eyebeam><blast> posthuman/emerAgency

I don't know about posthuman.  Maybe?
 But post-self, yes.
 Does post happen to us or may we participate?
 (I will place the interrogative sign frequently so as to appear in the
list of questions  cf Jabes)
 There is much good theory now that should be in the past tense
reflecting on the jewgreek of the Western state of mind, attunement,
Stimmung.  Are we still in the coming-about of the new syncretism, yes,
the creolizing into afrojewgreek?  
   for worse (cool)
   and for better (funk).

A call for proposals from the emerAgency:
  wanted:  a practice for the internet, along the following lines...
  a relay
  the Greeks (yes, just to orient ! or occident ourselves within to
admit our literacy even now)
  had a perfectly good *apparatus* (social machine) of which ritual was
a major practice.  
  add writing and after a time they invented theater.  invented.
  And tragedy with it.
  Theater--a place that focused the attention of the (how many tribes or
clans was it?), focused these families,their attention, on the mistakes,
no, the folly and blindness of individuals (ate) that became
collectively (ATH) DISASTER.  assuming that it would be good to eschew
  The members of these clans began to feel like Athenians, citizens of a 
city state, and (eventually), as literacy spread, experienced selfhood,
post-ritual, post-oral.  Having a thought no more felt as if the Wind
were giving orders, but as if from inside one's body reflexively "I"
thought.  Oedipus, the gesture that made the Sphinx disappear points at
NOW, extrapolation?  
 the  internet has the potential to focus attention on a new scale,
several magnitudes up, at which citizen selves of (how many
nationalities is it?) attend to a re-presentation of contemporary
blindness (individual and collective) DISASTER (as the correspondent
said, on TV, the museum of accidents).  
  What practice could craft this attention to guide such an experience
of postself?
for the emerAgency
Greg Ulmer
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