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Re: <eyebeam><blast> re evolution

hello all,

I have been waiting and biding my time, but couldnt hold on any longer.
I had to test the waters, some mails have been reflecting my current
frame of thought, and the water seems nice.

Brian Holmes wrote:

"Art is socially vital and dynamic in this movement of incomplete
overcoming. It's a focus of value, it's a way to concentrate issues and
contradictions, to bring them to a higher intensity, even to a crisis.

That kind of spark could become very strong in the language-based world
communication links, if we the public placed enough value on it. I think
a lot of people in this forum have felt something like what I'm
describing just recently, to judge from the reactions to the posts by
Tglatz from Alaska or to the enigmatic and disturbing afrika post that
just said: "e-race." I hear a lot of strong things over this supposedly
deadening machine - they shake me up, give me energy, just like when I
go out in the street these days."

I feel that spark deep inside.  It's burning away in there gathering
fuel. My own eyes do not believe what they see, they see blindness all
around, everywhere dead eyes and faces, staring blankly down the road
from behind a steering wheel behind a hundred others just the same. 
Individuals, every single one, me mine.

It's time to re awaken.  In this auspicious time of change and
uncertainty we are offered a unique chance.  To hold off discussion
which informs ourselves, and to focus upon informing the wider public
body.  At our stage of growth, we have stabilized our evolution through
technology - medicines, diet, tv - and are in a new phase of growth
which is purely informational and conceptual.  Our future depends upon
our ways of life and thought processes, and the safety of our future as
earth bound sentient creatures could be short lived due to the current
public mindset of consume/control for me.

Techniques from art advertising and networking are powerful tools in
this age.  A small well constructed meme can create chaos for the
consumer mindset.  The minds gathering here have the potential for the
construction and distribution of such a virus.  One which easily passes
into the system (consumer mindset), and once inside takes over an
individual cell and eventually the entire organism.

It is the process of re educating, one of re evolution.

matt gardiner
macro viri developer
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