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Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 13:44:26 -0500 (EST)
From: Greg Ulmer <gulmer@english.ufl.edu>
To:  eyebeam@list.thing.net @list.thing.net
Subject: Re: <eyebeam><blast> posthuman/object relations
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On Wed, 11 Feb 1998, Jordan Crandall wrote:

> I have a question for Kate Hayles and for Greg Ulmer.

    hello, Kate

> endows.  So my question is the same to you.  How is meaning generated
> here in the relation between the human and the object – what
> arises, and where?  It seem it is necessary to distribute cognition,
> see out of ourselves, through objects even, and acknowledge the

   without introducing the emerAgency yet,
   but to explain a working premise:

What I am trying to learn from art and artists of the colonial era (to
extrapolate to our postcolonial moment):  to sort out the problematic of
   fetish everywhere, the return of the fetish, secondary fetish,
revenge of the fetish.

   It is a pidgin word, emerged in the language of trade between
Portuguese and Africans (Guinea coast, 1500s).
   Until today, when, as the theorists say, you and I relate to
eachother through objects.
   While the literate theorists were defending against fetishism by
means of negative analysis, the artists were casting off (however
fancifully) Western practices and importing, smuggling, legally and
illegally, all manner of states of mind from non-Western cultures.
    primitivism is the wrong category to understand what was happening.
    syncretism is more useful, creolization, the emergence of a new
civilization:  judeo-christian-greco-roman-blackatlantic.
    Cartesian funk (no mo mind-body split)
    What is cyberpidgin? (trading language for the internet, with no
native speakers).
    Of what does it consist? (it is still so undeveloped).
    do we have a good example?
    Elvis.  Elvis is cyberpidgin dialect, intelligible in most parts of
the world.  (side burns, curled lip, pelvic movements).
    And Dharma.
    the Apple Campaign:  "think different."  the photo of Gandhi, plus
the Apple logo.  Advertising for the happy few, perhaps, those who come
after us, here comes everybody, actually, THEY will appreciate those

for the emerAgency
Greg Ulmer

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