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<eyebeam><blast> Localization


      gender class country education salary profession job ethnicity
religion scruples cognitive profile IQ sex acquisitive level consumer
profile address telephone fax number name surname expertise skill
achievement gift nickname tagline signature index page code voice pitch
fingerprints retinaprints DNAprints escape clause reboot button site url
gender class country education salary profession job ethnicity religion
endless list margin edge of time womom womym female male second
millenium immodest modest witness judge @ http:// self

       gender: palimpsest
       self: hypertext
       country: third

       local real virtual general possible impossible body embodied
environment immersion vast database web network surveillance point node
emergence local global emergence immersion recursion link backbutton
escape key reality.sys corrupt, comma grammar right wrong correction
erasure closure refutation science myth cyborg citizen virtual city
brutal third world universe reboot he she it

       frontier border blur trespasser locate GPS latitude longitude
cartesian line point node hypertext link emergence labeled autist
selfish altruist gene transient peripatetic thoughts fuzzy logic ilogic
paraconsistent heteroglossia

       disorientation fragment paranoia gestalt holism utopia dystopia
democracy village town metropolis

       value epistemology knowledge fragment gestalt hypertext system
dynamic. blur machine_organism_animal local_global sex_gender
male_female reality_dream persona_person_character. literary
autobiography self narrative poetry mind mindless ruth ruthless
mnemonist funes el memorioso schemata filter category definition
criteria prototype gestalt environment organism artifact machine
knowledge value recursion

        end endless list

        renew refresh rate exchange riverun

        conundrum's wake bloomsday cheat chat online realtime facetime

        odradek disk memex surveillance shift switch appearance
performance deviance rate exchange chaos order vast databases immersion
multimedia nuts pleasure interzone hypereality hype English language
computation calculate

        Portuguese Português estranho na propria lingua sem acento sem
poesia sem teoria sem fala sem calculo sem ordinateur sem Sao Paulo sem
rede sem network sem tradutor sem veracidade sem localizador sem
digitalizacao sem o grande deity  Komunikassao? perto do coracao
selvagem da maquina

        sempre um estranhamento deslocamento nao soa tao bem em
portugues. essa lingua de brasileiro? trilce esse cristal ja passou de

        "Como moles biscoitos
            Na sopa
            do abismo

        unzip file?

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