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Re: <eyebeam><blast> Prelude: Sensar Inc. Sees Eyes

>Deprivation and lack of access seem to be local issues.

Isn't it [CHOOSE ONE:  ironic/absurd/rather disgusting]  that
deprivation and lack of access are always "local issues" when the person
responding doesn't have a problem  "getting" access?

Although I must add that Olu Oguibe's distinction (media artists,
artists who want Web access and artists that don't) was very thought-ful

>*It would be interesting to hear reports from around the world
>the state of access to education and training in both art and


Physical location: a 16 x 24 foot cabin with wood heat, no running water
for 9 months out of the year and negligable electrical/phone service in
northern (that's north of the 64th parallel) Alaska.

Annual Income: $8200; subsistence hunting and gardening.

Current status:  working on MFA through a school most easily described
as "correspondence" though each semester requires that I show my actual
art objects at the school in the Lower 48 (Alaskan for Continental U.S.)

Technology: I have a sensory-neuro [dys]function that prohibits use of
audio (phone, television, radio) which is initially why I got into

Art/education:  The pre-Internet years-- art forms available to me have
been popularized to "access" the tourist industry which accounts for a
major part of the economy, ie, young polar bears cavorting on ice flues,
Arctic sunsets over uninhabited wilderness and traditional Native arts
reproduced in easily transportable ("fits in your suitcase!") plastics
made cheaply in a third world country.  My BFA was aquired at an Alaskan
institution consisting of 6 small rooms.  There wasn't a computer in the
building.  "Realistic landscape painting" was the genre; critiques
consisted of "the colors are muddy, use more turpentine, colors fade as
they recede toward the horizon, canvas stretchers should be cut with the
wood grain, it doesn't LOOK like a REAL mountain...Deleuze and
Guattari?  The Spanish guys, eh?"

>"Deprivation and lack of access seem to be local issues."

Said with the true complacency of dominant culture.


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