I am one of the generation laughingly called "The Baby Boomers" who are turning 50 this year.

Like my fellow boomers, and there are many of us, I've experienced and adjusted to the technological changes that have occured since my post WWII beginnings.

If only these changes didn't have anything to do with electricity, I'd be fine right now. Instead, I live with the knowledge that my body does not interact very well with electricity.

Am I the only person that received a a frightening, but thrilling shock from my new and handy toaster oven (circa 1976)?

Am I the only person who has to buy cars built in Japan because American made autos will not start once I'm behind the wheel?
AAA told me not to call them ever again!

Am I the only one who shorts out irons and hair dryers on a regular basis or buys innumerable phones because the number 9 button no longer functions?

Am I the only one who has trouble printing the last two lines of my computer documents?

Am I a candidate for the X files?

I give up.

I should have been born in the Victorian Age!