Upon entering small appliances, the viewer approaches a stove-like kiosk. Looking down, one finds an animated kitchen sink full of bubbles and a computer track-ball on the right. A large video projection shows a spinning appliance like a blender or a telephone.

Rolling over the screen reveals your cursor to be a bubble. By moving this cursor around the screen, one hears voices as the cursor approaches the bubbling areas. Phrases like "turning fifty," "every single day," and "full of plugs and wires" are heard.

Clicking on the bubble animations gives you access to a story by one of the women.

A woman appears, projected on the wall of the installation space. The image of her face wobbles and distorts depending on the amplitude of her voice.

Now, the bubbles in the sink wash away to reveal two dishes. The viewer may switch the video projection between two channels by moving the cursor from one dish to another. One channel presents the woman speaking and the other presents the interior, subjective images that accompany her story.

Each of the ten stories contains both the subjective and objective states. Also, there is a unique original sound design for each story.

At any point during a story, the viewer may click on a rubber glove in the sink to return to the main screen.