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E a s t   o f   t h e   S u n   a n d   W e s t   o f   t h e   M o o n
Platform China, Beijing   August 2005: AIR Vibeke Jensen

Landing in Beijing, I looked to the east and saw the sun - to the west and saw the full moon.
Construction cranes were dancing against the hot horizon. It was Midsummer Night.

The digitized sounds of water that fill the entire room are piped through speakers inside a tent. Like construction sites and
contemporary gated communities, China and its old cities, the tent has a surrounding wall that simultaneously creates a
boundary and points of entry. The wall and tent are made of scaffold net supported by steel frames. Inside the wall are a
tent and a water tank. In the water tank sits a monitor showing a video loop of water. The public is invited to construct
on the paper in the tent. Translucent digital images from a lake by the Great Wall cover the windows.

On the gallery walls are four photographs from the wall around the construction site of Beijing's new CCTV building.
The series, Up against the wall, is made as I crawl along the wall to capture extreme close-ups of cracks and folds, scars,
ruptures and holes. The intimate details are enlarged to magnify their beauty and promise. The installation reflects how
worldwide there is a proliferation of walls: fences, barriers and forbidden zones like the Israel security wall, the US/
Mexican boarder and omnipresent fire-walls.

This work was produced during a two months residency in Beijing supported by:
OCA (Office for Contemporary Art Norway) and The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Beijing.

Warm thanks go to: Natalie, Rain and the staff at Platform China, Kathinka, Ola, Rigmor, Velaug, Hong, YoYo, Vickie,
Danwen, Baoju, Rania, Petter, Bård, LiGang, Barbara, Beatriz, mams, Melvin and Mimir.
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