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v i b e k e   j e n s e n : s i t e   I N V E S T I G A T I O N
Trondheim Courthouse
Kultimathule, Trondheim, Norway 2009

  Equation Shield, site view, urban intervention, Trondheim
LED sign, steel shield, spray paint, poles, concrete base. Dimensions: 150x250x120 cm

FORHANDLE = (negotiate)
"Jensen's sculptural steel shields have built in LED signs, the running text shows words separated by equation marks... the
juxtapositions are confrontational, unusual, paradoxical, and sheds light on how everyday language is used for classification
and social segregation. All the words consist of two parts, where the prefix differensiiates. Jensen makes me aware of how
charged language is. I become worried about my task for the public hearing, text documentation."   Solveig Lønmo