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v i b e k e   j e n s e n : N I G H T _ W A T C H
Zendai MOMA, Shanghai, 2008: INTRUDE : ART&LIFE curated by Biljana Ciric
Trygve Lie Gallery, New York, 2007: NANY2
[dac], New York, 2006: Art under the Bridge Festival curated ny Koan Jeff-Baysa

Panoramasail, Lujiazui Green Land, Pudong

The question was posed again the following night in Pudong, Shanghai's spectacular skyscraper area, where the watching eye was projected onto the pavilion in Lujiazui Green Land. Numerous police on motorbikes with flashing red lights were patrolling the park, and the unauthorized projection seemed impossible to pull off. But thanks to a team member's diplomacy and his father being a policeman - the projection was allowed to take place.