v i b e k e   j e n s e n :  B l u e W a l l  o f  S i l e n c e
[uio] urban interface oslo, september 2007
in the making, Nordic Artists' Centre in Dale

the making   Blue Waall of Silence   the unmaking

The walls are made in an experimental material intended to disintegrate during the course of the exhibition. Water and flour is mixed with a drill before shredded paper is added to create a thick dough. The dough is pressed and flattened into 3m x 1m frames before sunflower seeds are inserted on one side. The walls are dried partly outside in the sun, weather permitting and later with a space heater inside a specially constructed enclosure. During this process the walls were turned multiple times. This work was made possible by the invaluable assistance and support by NKD (see credits).
1 2 3 credits