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box1: 8" square US Postal Service Shipping Carton
outside: express mail labels & tape, postage, customs form, 4 close-up photographs of the lawn at Festung Kufstein [VJ]
inside: list of contents, instructions, white cotton gloves

wrapped in conversation:
inner boxes are covered in bubble wrap with hand written [VJ] excerpts from conversation btw r.d. and VJ [r.d.]

box2: 7" square, unfoldable cardboard box [VJ]
outside: 5 x 6.5" square digital prints of macro-photographs of r.d.'s "mountain" [VJ]
inside: 9 x 7" square tiled digital print of a photograph of r.d.'s "mountain", 21" square [VJ]

box3: 5" square black cardboard pinhole camera [VJ]
outside: 4 video stills of r.d. and VJ during phone conversation from New York [VJ] to Vienna [r.d.]
inside shutter flap: instructions for using the pinhole camera, a pinhole-photograph of r.d.'s "mountain" [VJ]
CD with excerpts from conversation btw r.d. and VJ [r.d.], all digital files required to reconstruct the Archive. [VJ]
inside camera: unexposed photographic paper waiting to record the opening night at basis-wien

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