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v i b e k e   j e n s e n : If You See, Something Say
Smack Mellon, New York 2006: I can't quite place it...
Curated by Elizabeth M. Grady

Installation views. Dimensions variable.

Harsh whispers and enigmatic announcements create a feeling of threat and bewilderment in Vibeke Jensen's If You See,
Something Say
(2006). By editing and rearranging the wording of phrases heard over the loudspeakers on the subway, along
with inviting the public to use a microphone to explore the relationship between silence and control, Jensen challenges the
experience of being subject to disembodied forces beyond our control. This piece indicates the way in which public spaces
that were once free and open have been transformed by sonic intervention into sites of surveillance, where we are asked to
watch others, and are in turn observed. The visual language of the piece - all hard angles, colored with the bright tones of
police barricades and caution tape - reinforces the role of government-sanctioned authority in these efforts at manipulation,
as the very forces intended to protect us become instruments for the invasion of our lives.
    text by Elisabeth M. Grady