Privilege was commissoned by and premiered on June 1 2001, and was made possible in part with funds from the Jerome Foundation.      

Privilege, a flash-based collaboration by Jay Murphy and Isabelle Sigal, is spun from a larger work; these fragments seek to accrete and produce a sort of subliminal confrontation with their ever-shifting subject matter, much as the body is reputed to create vortexes of healing and repose in response to traumas. A phrase from the Gnostic Gospel of Philip --"I have come to know myself and I have collected myself from everywhere..." can serve as a starting point here, as well as Hamlet's "in that sleep of death what dreams may come." Multiple, intersecting planes of experience, often mired in a sordid backstory of the American dream/empire (featured voices include Florida death row inmates, Palestinian poets, and novelist Kathy Acker) seek to produce new areas of resolution.

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