The annotator allows its user to deposit (by typing) text on the surface of an image, thereby annotating it. The text can be typed in through the keyboard at the cursor position. The typed text can be "fixed" onto the surface of the image by typing/tapping the return key.

The text can be any of five colors, and five sizes. These can be selected from the palette at the base (bottom) of the display.

If more than one line of text is typed in, the annotator "cycles" through all the lines in sequence from first to last, then begin again from the first. In this way, a primitive sort of animation can be achieved.

The text typed in can be saved on the server for others to view by pressing the "S" button on the palette. Reciprocally, text saved by others can be loaded and viewed by pressing the "L" button on the palette, then selecting the number of the note from the scrolling list. Saved notes are numbered according to age: oldest is "00000" and newest has highest value.

All images by Beth Stryker and Sawad Brooks.