Archive of June 22, 1996 internet live from Elephant Cage, Yomitan, Okinawa 4pm-7pm (Okinawa Time) moving poles, moving forest, 1000 poles of memory

This internet live event from Yomitan site, was held in conjunction with Chibana family and friends' entering the Elephant Cage. Chibana san has refused to resign the lease to the US military and Japanese government. He is a member of the landowners who protest the presence of US military bases. A public performance "moving poles, moving forest" with flags designed by Okinawan art students was held surrounding Elephant Cage and Zakimi castle.

okinawa project artist in residency shu lea cheang

Radarweb site artists sawad brooks + beth stryker

The internet live connection was made possible by Bughouse, NTT, Okinawa, ii-Okinawa Net and Ryukyu University. members for this live broadcast: Machida, wade Miyagi, Kouji Sunagawa, ikema, Yonemori.