Tactical FloodNet Brief Description

Tactical FloodNet's automated features are used to:
  1. Reload a targeted webpage several times per minute.
  2. Spam targeted server error logs.
Please Note: You must turn javascript off and leave Java on while using FloodNet.

Functionality is simple.

The website of an institution or symbol of Mexican neo-liberalism is targeted on a particular day. A link to FloodNet is then posted in a public call for participation in the tactical strike. Netsurfers follow this link; then simply leaving their browser open will automatically reload the target webpage every few seconds. The intent is to disrupt access to the targeted website by flooding the host server with requests for that website.

As the Java applet performs automatic reloads in the background, FloodNet also encourages interactive conceptual Internet art. Netsurfers may voice their political concerns on a targeted server, via automated error log spamming. A mouse click sends a predefined message to the server error log of the targeted website. Alternatively, the "personal message" form will send the surfer's own statement to the server error log of their choice.

FloodNet is conceptual art that empowers people through activist/artistic expression. By creatively selecting phases, for example "human rights", surfers can upload messages to server error logs, like "human_rights not found on this server." This works because of the way servers process requests for webpages that do not exist. FloodNet's error log Java applet asks the targeted server for a webpage called, in this example, "human rights", but that webpage doesn't exist. So the server returns the familiar "File not Found" or "Error 404" message. It also records the request for "human rights" in the server’s error log. This is a unique way to leave a message on a server.

Turning javascript Off

Netscape Communicator 4+

Select Edit in the menubar
Preferences in the list
Advanced in the Category
Uncheck Enable javascript
Check Enable Java

Netscape Navigator 3+

Select Options in the menubar
Network Preferences in the list
Select the
Languages tab
Uncheck Enable javascript
Check Enable Java

Internet Explorer 3+, 4+

We apologize
for not having
for IE browsers.

After the FloodNet action, 
JavaScripted websites won't  function properly in your browser,
unless you turn javascript back on.

Enter FloodNet
FloodNet website development by Internet artists Carmin Karasic and Brett Stalbaum

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