WARNING: This is a Protest, it is not a game, it may have personal consequences as in any off-line political manifestation on the street:

Based on critiques from the Heart Hackers and other individuals about FloodNet:

  1. Your IP address will be harvested by the government during any FloodNet action. When you click and enter FloodNet your name and political position will be made known to the authorities.
    (Similar to having your picture taking during a protest action on the street.)

  2. Possible damage to your machine may occur because of your participation in the FloodNet action.
    (Just as in a street action -the police may come and hurt you.)*

    *During past FloodNet Actions only 2 individuals have reported FloodNet crashing a machine. Some 80,000 plus have participated without problems. It seems to The Electronic Disturbance Theater that is was the hostile applet used by the DOD (Department of Defense/USA) during the September 9th action that did the damage reported by those individuals who participated.
    If at any time your machine begins to malfunction during the action. Disconnect from FloodNet. The Electronic Disturbance Theater will post on the ECD page as soon as possible any problems and solutions during the time of the action that we become aware of.

  3. FloodNet clogs bandwidth and may make it difficult for many individuals using small pipelines around the world to get information. FloodNet may not impact the targeted website specifically as much as it disrupts traffic going to the targeted website, i.e. problems for Internet routes to the site.

    (This also happens when people take to the streets. Individuals may find themselves unable to get to work or buy a news paper because of the action. FloodNet actions are short term and only disturb bandwidth during the time of the manifestation. The Electronic Disturbance Theater feels that even if FloodNet only functions as a symbolic action, that is enough to make the collective presence of activists felt beyond the electronic networks.)
We hope that when you join our Virtual Sit-in's in support of global communities of resistance, you will take the above information to heart.

Thank you for your support of communities that call for a world that can make all worlds possible with dignity, justice, and liberty.

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