Technical Browser Instructions

You could connect with your browser to a targeted web site and push the bottom "reload" several times for an hour (with an interval of few seconds in between)


Just keep your browser tuned to this site, where the Java Applet will hit reload for you, and where various features of either a click on the applet, or the "personal message" form, will let you send secret messages to the error logs of the servers in question.

Important Browser Settings

For Netscape navigator users on PC, Apple Macintsoh and Unix o.s.:
From the Option menu select Preferences and set up:

  • memory cache = 0
  • disk cache = 0
  • verify document = Every Time

From The Option menu select Network Preferences

  • activate the No Proxies option

For Microsoft Internet Explorer users:

  • from the View menu select Options - Advanced -
  • and in the Temporary Internet File Box select Never