How This Action Works

This virtual sit-in is an attempt to disrupt the modes of communication
and information dissemination that facilitate racist organizing. This is
accomplished by the weight of humanit pressing itself upon the
servers of the target websites. The software creates a digital
presence for each participant by making requests for files from the
target website. As the thousands, and tens of thousands of people join
the sit-in, the targetted websites will slow down. This mirrors physical
sit-ins where the physical streets are slowed down as thousands of
people clog them with their bodies. Today, the streets that matter
most to capitalism, those which carry information, are digital and
we lay our digital bodies down in those streets.

The software we are using requests files from the servers of the
targeted websites that are not found – files like Justice, Freedom,
and the names of those who have died crossing the
border [12]. In effect you will see the error message – “files not
found.” The sit-in will interfere with and slowdown the servers of
these various groups and individuals – much like a physical sit-in slows
down the movement of people in buildings or on streets. [13] In
addition, the administrators of the servers will see logs of the action
where the names of those who have died crossing, and the requested
files like justice, appear repeated thousands upon thousands of times.

More than 78,000 people sat with us in our first action against the
Minutemen, creating an effective electronic disturbance of the targetted
servers. We hope that even more will join this action.


"3,000 Migrants dead, does anyone care?" from the
website. The current number is estimated at over 3,500 migrant people
who have died.

[13] "Just as the Vietnam War and the Gulf War brought thousands into
the streets to disrupt the flow of normal business and governance -
acting upon the physical infrastructure - future interventionist wars
will be protested by the clogging or actual rupture of fiber optic
cables and ISDN lines - acting upon the electronic and communications