Welcome! Please join us in this electronic civil disobedience action by using the automated features in this Virtual Sit-in webpage.

The Virtual Sit-in automated features are simply used to reload a targeted webpage several times per minute.
The website of an institution or symbol neo-liberalism is targeted for a particular day. A link to the Virtual Sit-in website is then posted in a public call for participation in the tactical strike. Netsurfers follow links, ultimately arriving at this website. Then simply leaving your browser open will automatically reload the target webpage every few seconds. The intent is to disrupt access to the targeted website by flooding the host server with requests for that website. In doing so, attention is drawn to a particular political issue without hacking the website.
This Virtual Sit-in website does not cause computers to crash.

See "INSTRUCTIONS" for 'how to' details.

Is this Virtual Sit-in website working?

See for yourself. Look for visual confirmation in the bottom and center frames.

The Virtual Sit-in's Java applet automatically reloads the target webpage several times per minute, you should see the top of the target page in the 3 bottom frames. The target page flashes when it reloads.