Disturbance Developer's Kit
Virtual Sit-in Installation Instructions

The only thing you must to do to customize your Virtual Sit-in is:

Set the target URL.


Setting the target URL

You must edit applet.html exactly as described or all bets are off. The automatic reload java applet uses applet.html.

The Virtual Sit-in's automatic website reloads are done by a java applet called zapsFloodNetPublic1.class. The java applet gets the Virtual Sit-in's targeted website from an HTML file called applet.html. This HTML file passes the Virtual Sit-in's target to the applet as a parameter. The target DNS parameter and the target's associated image may be changed for each strike.

The java applet will look for an image associated with the target named "image100x75.gif" in the Classes folder. The DDK comes with a default image, which you may change. To do so, create a 100x75 pixel, gif format image. Name it "image100x75.gif", and then you must make sure "image100x75.gif" is saved in the Classes folder with that exact name.

To change the target DNS, use a text editor to open applet.html. Edit the value of the parameter called "targetURL". The java applet will insert the "http://", so don't include the protocol with the DNS in the parameter value. In the applet.html code excerpt below, I've inserted the target, www.whitehouse.gov, the US White House website as an example.

<APPLET codebase="Classes" CODE="zapsFloodNetPublic1.class" WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=75>
<PARAM Name=targetUrl VALUE="www.whitehouse.gov">
<PARAM Name=evade VALUE="off">
<B><BR><Font SIZE=-1 COLOR="Red" FACE="Helvetica">Applet Failed<BR><BLINK>JAVA DISABLED</BLINK></FONT></B><BR>
<Font SIZE=-1 COLOR="Red" FACE="Arial">Turn it on and try again.</FONT>

You may also edit title.html if you wish, based on your HTML skills. This file will not impact the java applet.

You may want to use your own background image and/or logo too.