Using FoxFlood is just like loading a website into your browser and then repeatedly pressing the "reload" or "refresh" button with an interval of few seconds in between.  The only difference is that you don't have to load he webpage or press the button over & over.  Just keep your this site loaded in your browser, and EDT's Java Applet will load the page & hit reload for you. 

BUT you do have to make the following changes to your browser settings:

Netscape Navigator users on PC, Mac and Unix:
From the Edit menu select Preferences and expand Advanced.
Then select Cache:

  • memory cache = 0
  • disk cache = 0
  • verify document = Every Time

Microsoft Internet Explorer users on PC:
From the Tools menu select Internet Options - General.
In the Temporary Internet File Box select Settings
Under 'Check for newer version'

  • Select 'Every visit to the page'

In the History Box:

  • Days to keep pages in history = 0

Is this Virtual Sit-in website working?

See for yourself. Look for visual confirmation in the bottom and center frames.

The Virtual Sit-in's Java applet automatically reloads the target webpage several times per minute, you should see the top of the target page in the bottom & center frames. Your browser status bar flashes a message when a page loads.