Help with the action page

To take part your web browser must be capable of displaying frames, and Javascript. You must also have Javascript enabled.

To use the sit-in page:

  1. The page runs automatically when it loads. The frames will initially load very slowly. This is a delay to allow the browser to call all the objects on the page. But once all frames are loaded the reload speed will increase. The status of the page is displayed in the upper 'status' window.

  2. In the lower 'speed' window the speed at which the page is running is displayed. It automatically runs on the assumption you have a slow - that is less than 28,800 baud - modem dialup connection. If you have a fast - that is 28,800 or greater dialup connection - then click on the 'change' button to increase the speed of operation. If you have a fixed high speed connection - for example a company or university - then click on 'change' again to set the page for it's highest speed of operation.

  3. Then, just sit back and wait as long as possible to allow the page to work. The 'slow' setting submits requests to each page every 6 seconds. The 'fast' setting submits a requests every 3 seconds. The 'fixed' setting submits requests every second. The more requests you can make the better!

  4. If you are using the pages and you find that the computer is making effortless connections, and you have the system resources available in your computer to take the extra effort, then click on the 'Spawn' link. This runs another copy of the sit-in pages. After clicking 'Spawn' redo steps 2 above again on the new page.

  5. If at any point you start to get a lot of time-out messages, or messages saying the server is probably down, then the servers are beginning to grind to a halt! If it gets to be annoying then close down and try again later (see final step below).

  6. When you've had enough, click on the button in the top right-hand corner to close the browser.

To close this page click the button in the top right-hand corner to close this browser page.