The Burning Bed, Traces, and Cinders.



Part one:

Scenes on the web that are connected to both the letter and the masterís bedroom. They construct fragments of the characters, Faith, Grace, Mercy and Hope. These scenes will attempt to explain an event --the burning of the Masterís Bed.

Part two:

Traces from the event will be in the Blast5Drama vehicle as drawing evidence of the burning. There will be two drawings. The first will be a photocopy of the Masterís Bedroom (by Max Ernst) with the bed cutout and burned. The burnt cut out will then be sandwiched between two layers of plexi glass on which the empty Masterís Bedroom will be scratched into. This second work will be for display during the Sandra Gering installation.

Part three: Dissolving architecture:

Etchings of architectural spaces into mirrors representing the staging areas from the theater of operations and of the Blast5Drama vehicle. This can include lines from the scenes also scratched into the mirrors from the Crossroads narrative. The idea is to present a dissolving of visual representations of the architecture, such as The Masterís Bedroom on mirrors. Creating a reflective staging of the virtual break down between hypertexts scenes and codes which dismantle space as perfomance.