Dear Unremembered,

Shadows never leave a trace beyond a passing of a hope restrained.

A hand from off screen interrupts the frame and moves to turn over the letter now lying on the bed, face down. Faith picks up the letter, turns it over and reads the writing on the face of the letter, it says; "A requested memory for Mercy and Grace." It isnít sealed so she opens it and begins to read.

"Dissolving is the first step to the many occurrences and demands our exchanges will ask you to face. Itís as easy to begin as speaking and we both know how well you speak, how you draw people in by wrapping them so fully in the weave of your passing metaphors. That which you lack is what you promise, and attempt to bring into the breath of your dreams. Your dreams are your waking and your waking my sleep. It is only by breaking through certain types of dissolution that you and I can meet, it is the most tangible form we can hope for. You and I will always have an unattainable love. Born through struggles and suffering which brings us to a continual reaping of tenderness from within our most private reflections. The harder we search the more we become, resolute and concentrated. We bear the resonating traces of the eternal passing. Only finding ourselves in temporary moments, absolving and wrinkled into the corners of other memories, what we do remain is peeled and fading. Continue we will, breathing the dry liquid spaces which surrounds us, and deciphering the unlimited spaces of our current vision, through the rays of a black sun we will protect our eyes with broken light. This is how we will fight the famine of time, your generation and mine."

Faith pauses, looks in the camera, and begins to drift into the blue space that is crawling over the words she was reading. They meld together and dream.