Rivers Log 51


Today I woke up early, performed hydro-exercises, and proceeded to Ponic Tank 12 to proceed with the parsely evacuation technique series videotapes.

Upon arrival, Fr. Gibbons informed me of an airlock malfunction and sent me out to implement repair scenario.

Everything was going fine in the airlock, it seemed clear that the Probing Head Wand demonstrated a malfunction in the click-tracking unit. Gibbons insisted that I use the BoomTube to check for any ponic out-growths in the airlock. (We've been having problems containing harvesting fluids from Pod 3 since Snoot caught it on fire).

Well, I saw pure growth. It was orange and clammy, it moves by constantly growing but also seems to recede as if it's sucking in or becoming smaller.

I know it's positive and I know that it's friendly. I'm sure the Processing Center knows this, but I did a scrape and brought the stuff inside. The gardenaut's creed guides us to "Protect Vegetable Life". I made it a small tank in my quarters.

I heard it speak as it contracted so I ate some. I feel really good now.