Lieutenant Diane Rivers:

gardenaut, electrical engineer, and hydrotherapist.
Lieutenant Rivers has extensive training in air-lock repair, electrochemical analysis and electron 4675 spinning fleck theory. She also brings a certificate in hydro therapy to the team, allowing the hydoponics lab to be used for relaxation an deep tissue analysis.

Dr. Carl Snoot:

mixture specialist and implant recipient; fluent in communications protocol; image analyst and data bioprocessing specialist.
Smoot has undergone 23 silicone biocircuit transmersion episodes giving him unique diagnostic preminition abilities. These visions, however, are marred by a continually decreasing signal-to-noise ratio in specific bands of the electro-psychic spectrum.

Frontiersman Joe Gibbons:

fielder specialist, deep tank deprivation navigator; scenario reconnaissance profiler.

frontiersman Gibbons is a veteran of many shapeshifting inoculation campaigns and uses these skills aboard GREEN FIELDS to conduct astral projection experiments and energistic healing rescue operations. He also possesses an unknown organ.