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November 11, 1998

Peter F. Vallone
Speaker/Majority Leader
New York City Council

Via e-mail: vallone@council.nyc.ny.us

Dear Mr. Vallone,

Our organization is a non-partisan grass roots community with a well informed membership, very active on local issues. While we do not endorse candidates in electoral politics, we make public officials aware of issues that are important to our community and we keep our community informed on which officials are responsive to our efforts.

It is unfortunate to have to write to you to comment on your attendance to a recent fund raiser hosted by the New York Nightlife Association (NYNA). This group, sponsored at the tune of $ 750,000 a year by Anheuser-Busch (makers of Budweiser), strives to increase liquor sales around the City, no matter what the social costs. Communities around the City are vexed by the consequences such already massive sales are having on their quality of life and social fabric, in the form of noisy late night establishments that are hornet nests of problems and violations of City laws, ranging from the building code to serious violations of City, State and sometimes Federal Law.

Our community has recently felt the impact of such establishments and has been active in countering it. In recent hearings, the State Liquor Authority seemed sensitive to community concerns and a number of applications opposed by various communities have been rejected on grounds provided by the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law. We welcome the change as a sign that public officials are paying attention to community input and we are continuing to work to build a broad understanding of what our communities are faced with, in terms of the impact of establishments such as the ones NYNA abets, amongst all levels of government.

We and other communities around the City will be paying close attention to developments in the regulation of alcoholic beverages serving establishments, whose proliferation and general operation has such a deep impact on us. We hope you will keep this in mind in your future endeavors, of which we ask you to keep us informed.

Best regards,


Sante Scardillo
For L.I.N.A.