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N E I G H B O R S   A S S O C I A T I O N   ( L I N A )

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Germania Bank Building, 190 Bowery (corner of Spring).

Holy Trinity Ukrainian Church, 359 Broome Street (between Mott and Elizabeth).

Judson Health Center, 34-36 Spring Street (between Mulberry and Mott). (BSS).

Mietz Building, 128-38 Mott Street (between Hester and Grand). Seven-story industrial building. (BSS).

Most Holy Crucifix Roman Catholic Church, 378 Broome (between Mulberry and Mott).

Odd Fellows Hall, 165-171 Grand Street (at Centre Street). Built 1847-48; mansard roof added in 1881-82. One of the city's earliest Italianate buildings. (NYCLPC) (NRHP, 9/22/83).

Old St. Patrick's Cathedral Complex (including Old St. Patrick's Cathedral, as well as the Chancery Office at 266 Mulberry), Mott and Prince Streets. Built 1809-15; restored 1868. The oldest Roman Catholic church building in the city. (NYCLPC) (NRHP, 8/29/77).

Pioneer Hotel, 146-48 Bowery (at Broome). Four-story brick building: the oldest hotel in New York and former headquarters of Big Tim Sullivan, who at the turn of the twentieth century was recognized by all as the King of the Bowery.

Puck Building, 295-309 Lafayette Street (between Houston and Jersey). Built 1885-86, 1892-93, with an 1899 addition. An example of the Romanesque Revival architectural style, the building housed the offices and printing plant of Puck, a prominent humor magazine. (NYCLPC) (NRHP, 7/21/83).

Storefront Building, 97 Kenmare Street (at Cleveland Place).

375 Broome Street (between Mulberry and Mott). Five-story tenement with large ornate cornice and other decoration. (BSS).

385 Broome Street (between Mulberry and Mott). Five-story loft.

255-57 Centre Street (at Broome). Seven-story loft building.

23-25 Cleveland Place (between Kenmare and Spring). Four-story row houses.

49-51 Elizabeth Street (between Canal and Hester). Six-story industrial building.

89 Elizabeth Street (between Hester and Grand). Four-story loft.

172 Elizabeth Street (between Kenmare and Spring). Four-story tenement.

174 Elizabeth Street (between Kenmare and Spring). Four-story tenement.

260-68 Elizabeth Street (between Prince and Houston). Five five-story old-law tenements in a row. (BSS).

174 Grand Street (at Centre Market). Four-story tenement with beautifully intricate cornice. (BSS).

181-89 Grand Street (between Baxter and Mulberry). Five three-story row houses in a row.

190-92 Grand Street (between Mulberry and Mott). Two three-story row houses. (BSS)

279 Mott Street (between Prince and Houston). Five-story tenement.

179 Mulberry Street (at Broome). Six-story new law tenement.

17 Prince Street (at Elizabeth). Six-story corner tenement.

11 Spring Street (at Elizabeth). Five-story loft building, formerly used as a stable. (BSS).

12 Spring Street (at Elizabeth). Five-story building with mansard roof.