Christina Thomas: 24. Januar 1989

Have a bite to eat? Okay, Chin's. Everybody is there, good mood. The tables form an L. At the head of the table Martin waved a Polaroid and shouted to everyone" My daughter, my daughter! Helena Augusta Eleonore!" Which daughter? Gaby Hirsch sits at the other end of the table and smiles happily. Today is her 24th birthday and she found out that she is pregnant. The ultrasound-image, taken on the 24th of January, was transformed into a picture made of caviar by Georg Herold. On the 24th of August 1989 Helena Augusta Eleonore was born. Later that morning, Martin - still impressed by the moment of his daughter's birth - toasted her arrival with a glass of red wine in the Broadway Café.

Helena Augusta Eleonore Hirsch mit ihren Eltern

Helena Augusta Eleonore with her parents Gabriele Hirsch and Martin Kippenberger.
has 9 years now. She goes to school,
likes also painting and drawing, but at most
she likes to play football with her friends.