Rochelle Ratner -- "Hide & Seek "


Dear Jon,
never thought I'd find
such a typical picture --
the two of us sitting
in a chair.
You're all smiles,
looking so confident
while I shrink back
and pretend to look
at the book grandma holds.
Yes, she's there also,
sitting on the edge,
her back to the camera,
trying to keep peace.
This picture was taken
New Year's Day, 1952 --
so I was four already.
Snapped during the six weeks
when I'm a year older
than you are.
It was at my house,
one of the only places
you couldn't get away
with teasing me.
Grandma will yell at you.
I'll always be her favorite,
just look how she holds
the book in front of me
while you strain to see it.
Jon, are we old enough now,
have we gotten close enough
that you'll explain why,
despite it all, you're gloating.

Copyright © 1997 by Rochelle Ratner.

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