Tentative Index of Lexical Poetry
On-Line Work by Karl Young


- To Dream Kalapuya [Complete Book]

- Three, Hiroshima

- The Flies. The Game Is Up. [at Mary Sands' Jack Magazine].

- "Two Couples" from Group Portraits [in Isibongo, a South African journal of Newly- and Re-Emergent Arts, issue guest edited by Michael Rothenberg]

- Selections from Milestones and other poems [at Jean Heriot's Kaspahraster Magazine]

- Days and Years [Complete book]

- Poems from Milestones, Set 1

- Selections from Milestones, Set 2 [at Spunk Library]

- Skethces from The Ring of Indochina


- Notation and the Art of Reading.
Young's most important essay, discussing the interrelation of book production and poetry in several cultures as it related to poetry in the U.S. in the early 80s.
Jelölési rendszerek - és az olvasás mûvészete Fordította: Koppány Márton. (Hungarian translation by Márton Koppány)
Texto Español; traduccion: César Espinosa.

- The Last Pages of Codex Boturini
Essay on one of the surviving pre-Columbian Mexican manuscripts, with facsimile and translations. [Published in Tezcatlipoca: A Journal of Chicano/a Studies].

- Two Representative Works of the last Decade; A Working Present for Jackson Mac Low on His 75th Birthday
Study of Mac Low's Open Secrets CD and Words nd Ends from Ez, in context of his opus.

- Reesom Haile, Prophet of the Global Village

- Preface to Assembling 12

- Preface to Assembling 13

- A Multi-Voiced Memorial for Meridel Le Sueur
by Karl Young, Linda Montano, Pauline Oliveros, Joe Napora, and Barbara Mor.

- Two Approaches to John Taggart's Slow Song for Mark Rothko and Inside Out: essays by Rochelle Ratner and Karl Young from the John Taggart issue of Paper Air magazine.

- People's History - Essays at Freedom Press
This site is in the process of migrating to a new location. URLs seem to shift. There's a scripting device that yields different results at different times. But at least some essays written for Freedom, the press and newspaper set up by Peter Kropotkin 114 years ago, seem to remain available by typing in "Karl Young" in the search field. "Cowboys and Indians - The Dumbing Down of American Myths" and "Disturbing History: The World Wide Web in Context" can usually be found there. . .

- The Revenge of Uhura's Mini-Skirt [at Jean Heriot's Kaspahraster]


- Cat Licked the Garlic by Anne Tardos

- Spoken Texts by Alison Knowles

- Maximus to Gloucester Charles Olson's Letters to the Glouster Times,

- Myung Mi Kim and Maureen Owen

- Yaqui Deer Dance Songs/Maso Bwikam by Larry Evers & Felipe S. Molina


- The Seafarer in Charles Harrison Wallace's Seafarer Collection.

- Anglo-Saxon Book Riddles

- The Last Pages of Codex Boturini
Essay on one of the surviving pre-Columbian Mexican manuscripts, with facsimile and translations. [Published in Tezcatlipoca].

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- A Homepage Away From Home for bpNichol
Reprints of work by Nichol published in the U.S., with continuation of Nichol's collaborative TTA 29 project.

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