Tentative Index of
On-Line Essays, Reviews
and Critical Writing

by Karl Young


On Writing Systems

- Notation and the Art of Reading.
Young's most important essay, discussing the interrelation of book production and poetry in several cultures as it related to poetry in the U.S. in the early 80s.
Jelölési rendszerek - és az olvasás mûvészete Fordította: Koppány Márton. (Hungarian translation by Márton Koppány)
Texto Español; traduccion: César Espinosa.

- The Last Pages of Codex Boturini
Essay on one of the surviving pre-Columbian Mexican manuscripts, with facsimile and translations. As usual, Young tries to piece together the living context of usage for this book, as well as sumarizing scholarship relating to it. [Published in Tezcatlipoca: A Journal of Chicano/a Studies].

- Human and Animal Stages in the Aztec Continuum of Life, and The Continuum of Life in Codex Borbonicus
Essays on Aztec World View as a living continuum, focusing on Quetzalcoatl's animal and human aspects, followed by examples and commentary on one of the pre-Columbian Central Mexican iconographic books. [Published in Tezcatlipoca magazine.]

- The Seafarer in Charles Harrison Wallace's Seafarer Collection. (This and the next three include translations as well as commentary. Their importance here is that they catch a sense of the strangeness of literacy based on phonetics at a time when it was first being assimilated into a culture. "A Dream of the Cross" could be considered a form of book art.)

- Anglo-Saxon Book Riddles

- Seven Anglo-Saxon Charms

- A Dream of the Cross

- Notes on the Book Art of Walter Hamady

- Names: The Basis of Graffiti Art

- Graffiti International [at Marc Weber's Sugar Mule Magazine]

Extended Essays on Literary Tendencies:

- Toward an Ideal Anthology Reflections on the Light and Dust Web Anthology.

- Some Functions of Translation in "The Ideal Anthology" Sketch of importance of translation on the web in recognition of changes in language demographics; extensive notes on presenting Lettrisme bilingually; more compact notes on Reesom Haile, Susan Smith Nash's work with Paraguayan Women Poets, and translations of Kitasono Katue, edition of Jesse Glass's Ekleksographia edited by Anny Ballardini.

- Preface to Assembling 12

- Preface to Assembling 13

On Individual Writers

- Two Representative Works of the last Decade; A Working Present for Jackson Mac Low on His 75th Birthday
Study of Mac Low's Open Secrets CD and Words nd Ends from Ez, in context of his opus.

- The Visual Poetry of bpNichol; a Brief Sketch.
Overview, with copious examples.

- Reesom Haile, Prophet of the Global Village

- Thirty Years of "Face": Introduction and Tribute to a Poem by David Meltzer and Lost Screenfold of the Rabbi's Dream Book: Descant on "Vav" by David Meltzer

- Review of Beat Thing by David Meltzer. This and the previous entry at Michael Rothenberg's Big Bridge magazine.

- Multitasking Mail Art Essay on printing mail art.

- Correspondence Art Solos and Choruses: K.S. Ernst, Marilyn R. Rosenberg, and David Cole

- Stamp Artists Joel Lipman and Rafael Jesus Gonzalez

- At the Corner of Euclid Ave and Blvd Dt Germain: d.a.levy's Parables of Local Necessity and Universal Decentralization
at Big Bridge magazine; originally published in d.a. levy and the mimeo revolution

- The Turning Pages of Light and Darkness: d.a.levy's Tibetan Stroboscope

- sighting d.a.levy

- Three Sets of Robert Grenier's Illuminated Poems

- The Limns of Philip Whalen's Collected Poems
from Dale Smith's festschrift on Philip Whalen at Big Bridge magazine

- "Reading the Waves, An Introduction to Karl Kempton's Rune: A Survey"

- A Multi-Voiced Memorial for Meridel Le Sueur
by Karl Young, Linda Montano, Pauline Oliveros, Joe Napora, and Barbara Mor.

- Introduction to the English Language Edition of Evald Flisar's Tales of Wandering

- Two Approaches to John Taggart's Slow Song for Mark Rothko and Inside Out: essays by Rochelle Ratner and Karl Young from the John Taggart issue of Paper Air magazine.


- Cat Licked the Garlic by Anne Tardos

- Spoken Texts by Alison Knowles

- Maximus to Gloucester Charles Olson's Letters to the Glouster Times,

- Myung Mi Kim and Maureen Owen

- Digital Visions by Cynthia Goodman

- Yaqui Deer Dance Songs/Maso Bwikam by Larry Evers & Felipe S. Molina

- HIDE AND SEEK and HOUSE AND HOME by Rochelle Ratner [at Marc Weber's Sugar Mule, Rochelle Ratner issue; for review alone, scroll down page]

Introductions and Commentery for Critical Gatherings

- A Homepage Away From Home for bpNichol
Reprints of work by Nichol published in the U.S., with continuation of Nichol's collaborative TTA 29 project.

Rochelle Owens Home Page

David Cole Survey

Hassan Massoudy Survey

With Ingrid Swanberg:
d.a.levy home page

With Ingrid Swanberg:
a d.a.levy satellite, 2008Reviews, comments, and other material on d.a.levy, focusing on three major books published in 2008, the 40th anniversary of levy's death, and on changing views of levy as a poet.

Meeting place for graffiti art and visual poetry, with samples and extensive links.

International Shadows Project Retrospectives
The International Shadows Project is an ongoing grass roots condemnation of nuclear weapons and the use of nuclear energy through an alliance of arts, particularly mail art and performance. As such it is also an ongoing celebration of life in the face of unmitigated evil, as well as an extensive documentation, with copious examples, of mail and performance art.

From Leaf Mosaic - Autobiographical Essays

A Middle American Water Table

Chinese Couplets and Dialogues

Minimalism's Expansions

The Valence of Fragments

Vocabularies, Fracals, and Semiconductors

Beginning Milestones

Ghosts and Sleeve Pages

Acoustic Books at the Begining and End of the World

Some Volumes of Poetry:

A Retrospective of Publication Work by Karl Young.
Essays and commentary on alternative publishing and culture of the 1970s; cottage industries, learning to print on the job, poetry readings and how to organize them;
books and their authros: comments on Jackson Mac Low, bpNichol, John Taggart, Carol Berge, Nathaniel Tarn, Robert Filliou, Dick Higgins, Dieter Roth, George Brecht, Steve McCaffery, Hilary Ayer, Kathleen Wiegner; Martin J. Rosenblum, John Kingsley Shannon, Toby Olson,
Symposiums on Guy Davenport, Michael McClure, Rochelle Owens, Diane Wakoski, Assembling, Clark Coolidge, Theodore Enslin, Tom Phillips, Ian Tyson, and Joe Tilson;
Water Street Arts Center: how to start an arts organization without a cent in capitol or a grant or other financial support -- and one that's now lasted 34 years, and developed into one of the most celebrated organizations of its type in the U.S.

Karl Young Home Page
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