Tentative Index of
On-Line Work Related to Book Art by Karl Young

The first entries in this list discuss book art projects of mine. The others are essays dealing in different ways with books in other contexts. The last become provocative or heuristic - should a city be considered a book for a graffiti artist?

- Acoustic Books at the Begining and End of the World

- Ghosts and Sleeve Pages

- Books Printed by Walter Tisdale

- Books Printed by Walter Hamady

- Notation and the Art of Reading.
Young's most important essay, discussing the interrelation of book production and poetry in several cultures as it related to poetry in the U.S. in the early 80s.

- The Last Pages of Codex Boturini
Essay on one of the surviving pre-Columbian Mexican manuscripts, with facsimile and translations. [Published in Tezcatlipoca: A Journal of Chicano/a Studies].

- The Continuum of Life in Codex Borbonicus
[Published in Tezcatlipoca magazine.]

- Anglo-Saxon Book Riddles

- Selections from Clouds Over Fortjade

- The Turning Pages of Light and Darkness: d.a.levy's Tibetan Stroboscope

- Names: the Base of Graffiti Art

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