Beloved face
whose principles fell away
gained power
and became a slave of it.

He did not honor the one who lent it to him
more in impurities his self lived,
the One gave him everything
more with arrogance
from the One he fell away
and into impious pleasures
he submerged himself.

So much pain!
For me, death lay in wait for me.
You didn't separate it from me
the One did it, the one you deceived,
the One I chose to follow, the One you once admired
but later you ridiculed.

So much sadness!
You, who were so loved,
How could you play with so much grace?
You chose unclean friendships;
you navigated in dangerous waters.
I do not separate you from them
I separate myself from you.

You've been a bad helmsman
and because of it, the One
snatched almost everything away from you
accounting for and weighing what is lost
and recognizing just in time
the ultimate fate that awaits you.

If you look with eyes from this world
you will say, "I still have a lot,"
but if your soul is not blind to everything
you will know only one thing, that is what awaits.

You, who were so beloved!
Because of you I became acquainted with the dark pit
and others, and though I could have, I did them no harm
So much pain!
Stabbed in the back and in the heart.

Oh, Lord!
Pain, more injustice,
more spying and persecution,
they soak my heart with desperation,
dangerously giving advice to my common sense.

In so much pain and prayer,
a voice can be heard:
"Woman, in the ambushes of death,
your love, did he keep and protect you?"
"No, my Lord,
he handed me over."
So much pain to admit it, my Lord!

What is love,
if not devotion, care, and protection
from the one who loves you.
But he wasn't the one,
it was the One who sees all
who saved his faithful one.

I went through torments
and I experienced many tests
my foundation of rock
was narrow and bloodstained when I passed through
time after time
first with suffering then with relief
but in the end
it was still built of rock.

Searching for justice
I pounded on doors
I recognized the false ones
to whom it is better to believe
in the one who has power
and in the favors that can be got.

I learned by shackles and falsehoods
I felt myself fall and I despaired, I repudiated
but being able to return to everything,
thanks to the One, I chose
and I understood then
that I was here in this world on a mission.

The injustice proven,
I converted it into my weapon,
Oh Lord, you are my shield,
you are my rock!
With suffering
you endowed me with courage.
You never abandoned me,
you stood by me in my pain
and in my pain you strengthened your faithful messenger.

At night, he lit
the beacon of the lighthouse.
I took the helm
and I am going toward him,
fortunate that I am,
a safe port awaits for me there,
in the place they call