Reesom Haile's Tigrinya Page

This site is in the Tigrinya language. It requires no special
software to read, but it does require knowledge of the
Tigrinya language. Those who don't read Tigrinya will still
benefit from the audio file of Reesom Haile reading.

Africa World Press - Red Sea Press
Publisher of the bilingual edition of Reesom Haile's
We Have Our Voice. You can order copies from this
site, and can check out the excellent list of other
available titles.

We Have Our Voice
CD recording of Reesom Haile reading. Includes
audio clips.

Asmara Declaration on African Languages
Text of major interest in the history of Africa and
linguistics - and a milestone in both the struggle for
de-colonialization and the use of indigenous languages.
This declaration came from the "Against All Odds" Conference
held in Asmara, Eritrea, in January of the year 2000.
So far it has been translated into 16 languages, and more
translations are in the works.

What and Where is Eritrea?

Classicists and theologians have no trouble identifying Eritrea,
though some have expressed surprise to me that it still exists.
The country has a long and intricate history, connecting it,
in the past, to the Hebrew and Christian Bibles and to the world
of Classical Greece. Its ancient and venerable written language
presents a fertile field of study to linguists and historians.
Perhaps Dan Connell's book, Against All Odds, offers the
most insightful commentary on the country's reemergence in
recent years. For more information, and for news from Eritrea,
the following web site will probably be your best bet:

News Asmarino

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