For d.a.levy and john cornillon

all the wind rain tears
everything ending before your eyes
the horror pushing over ribbed land
hills in spring    the pass    then winter
death     jack your desolation   how
to get by it     or get by with it
how to wake and not sleep on
how to walk under darkness   bridges
rivers   all water   me hunting through papers
for something   i don't know what
buying wine   beer     breaking
trying to write   or work   all my
sadness   all my private lakes of lostness
all my madness everything      here is a package
of flesh that moves
here i am no longer undone with fear
here burning poems in my hands
     waving my arms in a storm
here talking through my ears
       dancing over bridges in an overcoat of leaves
here myself invisible
		        i stand waiting
a flower in my fly

		   as you find something

			- Kent Taylor, 1965
			Appeared in 
			Gooseberry 2 & Late Stations






Copyright © 1965 and 2001 by Kent Taylor

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