lines written a few hours
  before learning that d.a.levy
  had shot himself to death

we stalk out one night
	   into the stars
wandering like
a loose wind
	        following trains
	beyond reach
	  and the quest that blankets
	     the land

today we paid a visit
bringing a lone book
	and a suitcase
       but no one was home
          battling a private war
	we could not aid
the poems burn like brown leaves
	 the ashes scatter
        over this city
        that refused their spring
and now accepts their death

	i go to my room and stare
        at a painting given in destruction
four years ago
         when my life was also shared

    he who tonight
      breaks apart
		  with me
      and who also 
	         like me
       and too late tries to
     gather what we can't live without

my thoughts jump and grab
	that dream of motion
 beyond desire
	   fate passing like a movie
scene after scene
	       with no end
only bridges
     and rails
and endless oceans of night

			- Kent Taylor	 
			Cleveland, Ohio















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