in the dreamtime
by Ingrid Swanberg


your shadow disappeared,
your shadow at noon
and long across the dust at evening
the dream joined to your shadow
the dream that wrote on us
the unpronounceable,
your shadow disappeared from noon
and its long walk across the dust at evening,
not ever to fall here again

I walk into the water where one
already has drowned
past the drop to the deep through
the vast night ruin down
the iron stair
a thousand times



sleeping city wreathed in smoke



I fell asleep near Treblinka
too quiet glide of rusted freight
the spring turf underfoot
the empty meadow
the innocent trees
thrashing in the wind



we are pouring gasoline
over the hundred corpses
a long line at the station
hurry a train is due in
down a corridor the windows
beaded besteamed bedewed
and on the other side the night

the immensity

a raven looking in



night forest
stars thick as snow
the one I follow shines
unwinking cold

I ride beside a frozen lake
great firs grown out of the ice
and warships anchored
pale and frostbound
glazed in rime
three of them glow crimson
fire in their hulls

pure stillness




opening the old book:
a burning thought

the river charcoal soft
poppy dust

always passing

exploded words hang
in graphite haze


the static dance of the letters

the page crumbling to dust

in the dust writes




gathered by the poets in the dream,
I am held
by your deep eyes
in my naked emptiness,

ride a black pony
by the rosedawn sea









































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