d a levy
by will inman

how many remaining fullblooded american indians
    are jews   when d a levy looks into that
    terrible serpent coil     that mounded burial
    hill     that sacred rising
    goes overflow that red sea in his blood    that
    israel leavenless bread
                                                 and ohio   o
great serpent mound o north american book of the
    living    wake   wake   wake
                                                 such om is
    over and out   o
                               you can be levy's and eat - the indian
    book is written on pages of the
            american government never kept a treaty
            with indians
                               but levy      digging that coil
   that serpent mound of
                                     makes covenant with
    a silent inland conch
                                     such a blast

                                                                - new york city,
                                                                29 september 1965









copyright © 1965 and 2001 by will inman

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