Jennifer Blue

Being a native Californian brought up by two native New Yorkers has resulted in a manic/apathetic dimension to my consciousness--restlessly idle'ing can be whimsically harrowing! I first pursued sharing my spastically active vision via photography. While working within the fashion industry as a photographer and make up artist, I exhibited my personal work in the greater Los Angeles area (I personally love this vague geographic description!). In 1991, I started literally attaching words to my visual images which propelled me into further investigating the art of creative writing. As if ancient plumbing had suddenly become snaked, I immersed myself with complete abandon into writing. Since 1991, my poetry has been published and I compose weekly and monthly astrological forecasts with my partner, Nathan Black. One of the most exhilarating events that I have experienced is hearing my verve of words delivered by actors. Consequently, I have turned my attention toward a fervent focus in playwriting. In addition to Adrenaline & Innuendo, I am currently constructing two more one-acts that will comprise a trilogy centering around the lives of those in Neptune: population 21,000. I am also currently collaborating on a musical with three other native Californians brought up by natives of other places.