An excerpt from a text in a newly-emerging potential or possibly pre-existent language system discovered and revealed by modern tools for detection and deciphering. Rigorous attention to correct pronunciation and punctuation yields pleasurable results.

         Irce.J cnrt,iinr.

       n.eerni.nra e aclvi.sahili.t;y

     ,a r n -i th t i i
    a, }e o r>ds i tl ngJ .er c li r s i on s .
          f' yon '? r i n t c n d ›e n t

     . es Er t al tca   3 i r i c tht l l y
    that i erro.t .i st:,s J"l-›' not. :i.nvo].veel.

     t Ks  l1T11 t,t h l hed arest (let:iils of th›a i7,dsre
        all(l te~artic StortJ

     i r(ca I.noarIl at that tim›e.
       1 c it h ; ct '7 .

    ' ing f' l i  - (ng Tb ips l

                       J}e ordslc)o›.a. .

   '1'!i. 1)/'l .yon11 1,; !)1 er Ic:i.ne3 s!-ecit hic tar.caeti

         r o a{. ed ' r e r, o l l,

    res Erit'I nt                        rtl facti to t hJo on,
       f yon na.e        (1 rl1mors
                                         t- o ds; r) ri

           cai.ttn ,ingolic›.r ngle1 icopt›ers
             ahi i-rint h ov›.t Ks  lrheyond,

   ri?ed ›ent i, rca 2d thair ds ad›-ers, loc'..er1 t!t h^ir (looes,

         ,-,r ,i i eIt  rn(I t:o t'lla? l -?rant )r.
           carn-e tpernin  t hi (l thrdsir he ,t
              tC) ng-1 l ] ? a,' tlle ' c?eror
          r:irp l--i tiJ 1.oc(-t1 res eri(1ents .

        Tinni-lt-y fi.r.st inci-ient, rf nei    ]1
     (? Jle(ilinis of cIrear1 can t::]t hryon e-art o
                                       cirilian an(l aolice ali! e.

        noilb ips lJiI t 11(ds r)t?rioc1 o,e .eda i t- i 
                   nt h1 an-1 not Icr oiinca3

           rIlat- l f) l.et.ert .
        ?  .t Ks  l7i. tyon stirtlini anct rlnnp rvinfT su
     n e   ?if'1 11,r? tll i t h t ll r a fds i?oca   
          .1. tFT ks l fe t S t

     r j t r kiita i t h ] 1 a'-I m pers yoll 
      ].er:l.y .es erf. fi your ryonlfcaction i n t- 
          h ( ds ra r- e- ting    
           ; h i i t h s l i -1 f.? 
            . ntir?.J or ed . i-t ip ;.

      r1i1:1?out r katun1 tclr-J-e1: y 
  (-i   v f n o l a s lca r ft O r t hr o yonI l a f f u r i c ,e .
     ds;(> r katu;hoot a livfer 1irceat1li.r1fJ ednim,cal
      .1n{l (Jyon' t in tlIft hr(i

    l n al eJb ips l  y OT ks l  }1ds    ! (' t .
      i~,carn ;7. littl.c an