From: Forrest Richey
Subject: some jargon for lunch
Re: some jargon for lunch
HyperGobbledegook is a Mac hypercard document which is not modifiable by the user so the output, though random, would not have been mine in any real sense other than if I selected some juicier products. It works sort of like DADAPOEM but it's all self-contained so you don't get to edit the parts of speech files which contain raw material words or the 'sentence' template files. I'll run the sucker a little and see if I can scoop up some output to paste in here to see if it's anything like what I sent earlier. It's fine to use. But i don't consider it my work. It's a canned program.

Program data:
HyperGobbledegook v 1.1 copyright 1991
Kenneth J. Fisher (haven't written him)
Dept. of Speech Communications and Theatre
SUNY College at Oneonta
Oneonta, NY 13820

Created using HyperGobbledygook, Tue, Apr 5, 1994, 9:19 AM

Portray proliferating apprehensions, with regard to a prophylactic ncentive principle

Ratchet up value-added inventory articulations

Consolidate product-specific interaction considerations

Optimize interdependent negotiation perceptions

Operationalize an individualized apprehension, with an eye toward goal-oriented instrumentality

Adopt a current cognition depiction

Determine pre-discussed negotiations, in the wake of an arguably nterdependent reassessment listing

Document programmable interdiction hypotheses

Promulgate cross-marketed communications, on a primarily multi-lateral basis

Formalize comprehensive clientele submissions

Formulate a nonverbal clientele

Propagate a decisive accountability, prior to a uniquely incentive approach

De-skill sequential application concepts

Devise a unique instrumentality exercise

Actuate cross-marketed linkage contents

Exercise intermittent maturation stances

Impact polyglot reduction opportunities

Operationalize product-specific incursions

Downsize intermittent maturations

De-skill pre-agreed-upon disability stances

Supplement product-specific culture dimensions

Cultivate an unimplemented cessation role

Synthesize pro-forma policies

De-skill post-implemented communications, due to an exemplary slowdown role

De-skill pre-discussed functionality nomenclatures

Respond to dynamic accountabilities, in the wake of a salient relationship capacity

Situate a pedagogical cessation

Deploy a situational culture disclosure

Interface with a pre-tested cognition

Spearhead a value-neutral guidance capacity

Ratchet down reciprocal compensation projections

Finalize a full-featured thesis

Deconstruct goal-oriented design protocols

Pragmatize pre-agreed-upon dialogues, depending on a non-prejudicial accountability listing

Deconstruct pedagogical contingency criteria

Downsize an exemplary commitment perception

Interface with a flexible interlocutor

Resolve pedagogical facility nomenclatures

Accelerate ad-hoc application attitudes

Facilitate a perceptual program portrayal

Profess intramural system habitats

Monitor a self-actuated utilization proposition

Reinforce a gender-neutral apprehension projection

Articulate a nonessential propulsion solution

Reference child-centered propulsions

Optimize unqualified interdiction factors

Determine proliferating sequestrations, in the wake of a modular decision landscape

Document non-linear evaluation goals

Resolve a value-independent contingency imperative

Deconstruct an ad-hoc curriculum, in an affirmative sense

Develop a diversified propulsion, geared toward a non-negotiably modular interdiction accomplishment

Propagate a self-actuated culture concept

Deconstruct responsive linkage declines

Finalize flexible disabilities

Propel a pre-discussed cliché, in a negative manner

Prioritize relevant involvement procedures

Extrapolate meaningful preparation regimes

Upgrade a streamlined maturation theory

Focus on a relevant commitment consideration

Articulate non-hostile designs, geared toward a non-prejudicial optimization technology

Prioritize communal involvements

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