Two Poems
  • Weather - a cut-up
  • Publisher Rights Long Carrier XXXVII - a Diastext
  • by

    John Fowler


    Today will be mostly stalls and weak. There may be a few spots in the distrubances. Still, most suburbs will push across the region preceded by clusters of Dominican Republicans.

    Tomorrow will be a trough. The tropical wave will be kept at bay by ripples of clock-wise circulation sprawling about the Dakotas, New Jersey and eastern Texas.

    Summer formed in parts of Minnesota at daybreak yesterday and will likely coat the low ground of the Dakotas this morning. 75 miles either side of the embedded hours of passage, an old boundary between progress and disturbance, 5 to 10 degrees will remain stable over the northern suburbs.

    A favorable environment for parts of Kansas, gusty winds will follow the Middle Atlantic States lower than yesterday due to a deck of drizzle; brightening high pressure, mainly hazy, increasingly high, will move quickly northeast three inches and will receive many streams and rivers as cold air passes and sultry breezes exceed 30 miles before stalling just south of Bermuda.

    An ominous, vigorous mass, a chance of early fall, will be propelled by a jet stream near Lake Erie as well as the high ground of large pressure difference between low bases of stratocumulus waterspouts and isolated Carolinas.

    Today, tomorrow, intense isolated averaging partial sharp unseasonable warmth, more than an hour in the northern Plains, mild, moist, partial now, squalls and air flows will drench pockets of prairie not scattered along the Gulf Coast. Cooler air will circulate as Fred races into the open Atlantic.


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